Creative Therapy focuses on exploring and reflecting on feelings through the use of art materials and the relationship between the therapist and you. The art process, in the presence of a trained art therapist, can enable you to give shape to thoughts and feelings which are difficult to verbalise. Meanings are explored to support you to effect change and growth.


In Creative Therapy there is no pressure to find the exact words to convey a feeling and it is not necessary to talk in detail about difficult or painful experiences - an image can 'speak' for you.

Creative therapy uses images - in art, clay, sound, sand, movement, drama, dance or just the images inside your own head to help you and the therapist understand your inner world and experience. Creative media could be a powerful and helpful tool to connect with your unconscious, express your feelings, get new insights and inspirations.

It is not necessary to be artistic to use Creative Therapy - we all have a creative side, but have often not been encouraged to use this in our everyday lives. Creative therapy offers you a safe space to explore feelings in a creative way.

Creative therapy is suitable for adults, young people and children, both individually and in groups.

Some sessions may be spent talking and listening and whether to use the art media is always a free your choice.


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